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How to Choose a Brake Kit

When planning for upgrades on your first gen Mustang and you are a working man that has to budget out your steps finances usually tend to dictate our direction more than we want. This subject comes up a lot with our customers and brakes. We often get people asking about off brand systems that check the box of disc brakes. Customers feel the need to buy rear disc brake kits when buying their front brakes all the while stretching their pocketbooks a little thin in the excitement of the moment.


Evolution: Mike Maier Inc Meets Circuit of the Americas

Mike Maier Inc Meets Circuit of the Americas

As we arrived at the track, the first order of business was to unload the cars, do the final registration and prep for the day. The order of events for us was the autocross, speed stop, design and engineering review and to round out the day we  went on the road rally. All of this had to be done in 100+ degree heat and a ton of humidity. (more…)

Evolution: Ol’ Blue Goes Eastbound and Down

Now that old blue has started to take shape thoughts started to turn towards wrapping up the car. Small odds and ends needed to be attended to. We have been having oil temperature challenges as well as final wiring odds and ends. The car now had to be completed by Thursday to be able to get down to the Falken hauler in Fontana, Ca. (more…)

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Autocross Track Run